What kind of unsold items can I offer in my Phenix baskets ?

You can compose anti-waste baskets from all types of perishable goods:

  • fresh products 🥩🥐🥑: meat, fish, cold meats, refrigerated ready meals, eggs, dairy products, fresh juices, breads, pastries, fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants, etc.

  • and dry and non-dry products that can be stored for a long time before opening 🍫🧃🍪: biscuits, chocolates, cans, compotes, drinks, etc...

👮‍♀️ However, be careful to respect regulations and hygiene rules!

Make you sure to compose your anti-waste baskets before it is too late to eat them! 📅

To do so, you must respect 2 principles:

👉 Products subject to a use-by date can only be offered in Phenix baskets until the date indicated (D0 included). Products with a use-by date that has passed are forbidden to be sold or donated.

👉 Products with MDD (minimum durability date) or best-before date, are authorised for sale, donation and in Phenix baskets, even when the MDD is exceeded, provided that they have not been opened or damaged and have been kept in good conditions.

💡 Useful link

What is the difference between UBD and MDD?

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Do not hesitate to contact the Phenix team at commerce@wearephenix.com.

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