🍇 How am I notified? What happens to the basket?

👉 A user has the possibility to cancel his order, if he is unable to collect it, up to 3 hours before the end of the pick-up time-slot. After this time, he can no longer cancel.

For example: if the pick-up time-slot for a basket is from 2pm to 7pm, the buyer can cancel the order until 4pm at the latest, i.e. 3 hours before 7pm.

👉 When a user cancels an order, you will be notified by email and SMS (remember to set up your alerts on your professional space, in the "My store info" section).

👉 Your basket is then automatically put back on sale on the 📲 application as it still has at least 3 hours to find a buyer! So you don't have to worry about republishing it!

💡 Liens utiles

Where can I find my current and past orders?

🧁 Need helps

A doubt, a problem with an order? Do not hesitate to contact the Phenix team at the email address indicated in your space.

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