🍊 You have to way to view your baskets orders:

1. You will receive a notification by SMS and/or e-mail for each new order placed.

Each time a customer buys one of your baskets (or when a customer cancels his order), you will receive an SMS and/or e-mail notification. As a reminder, you have filled in your contact details in your professional space, under the 'My store info' section. You can change these contact details at any time.

2. You can also see the summary of your orders in your business space.

Find a complete summary of all your orders of the day ('Current orders') and of the past days ('Order history') in your professional space, under the heading 'My orders'.

Each order includes the following information:

  • the order number

  • the first name of the client

  • the name of the basket

  • the quantity purchased

  • the unit price and the total price

  • the status of the order: 'paid' (order withdrawn and validated), 'to be collected' (the basket has been bought by a user, but the user has not yet shown up to collect it), or 'cancelled' (the order has been cancelled by the customer more than 3 hours before the end of the collection period, or by you at least 1 hour before the end of this period).

💡 Liens utiles

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🧁 Need help?

Any doubts or questions about your orders? Don't hesitate to write to us at the email indicated in your space!

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