Every time it's the same story... You can't remember the login address for your retailer Phenix space 😩... To save precious time during your next connections, it's very simple!

👉 Create a 'favourite' on your computer

  1. Join the Phenix professional space at app.wearephenix.com

  2. Enter your connection e-mail address (confirmed by e-mail when you registered your business on the retailer space. Please note: this is not the same address as the one used to connect to the Phenix mobile application as a user! Read more)

  3. Enter your password (if you have forgotten it, click on 'Forgot your password' to reset it)

  4. Select "Remember me".

  5. Click on "Login".

  6. Once logged into your Phenix space, bookmark the web address by clicking ⭐ at the top right of your search bar.

  7. The next time you log in, you will find the address of your Phenix retailer space with a simple click in the favorites bar!

👉 Connect directly from the application on your smartphone

If you are on your mobile phone or tablet :

  1. Download or update the Phenix application by clicking here

  2. When you connect, click on "I am a partner store".

  3. Fill in your retailer login details

💡 Useful links

I struggle to log into my business space

🧁 Need help?

Do you need help logging into your professional space? Feel free to contact us at the number or email adresse indicated in your space! 🙂

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