The section “Closure and holidays” on your professional space is a very useful and easy to use feature :

  • It allows you to maintain your publications if you stay open on a bank holiday

  • And when you go on holidays, it allows you to pause your adverts for this closure period in just one click ! ✨

Here's how it works:

📅 Bank holidays

Are you open during bank holidays?

🔴 By default, the ads are not publish during bank holidays

✅ If you stay open during bank holidays, you can precise it on your calendar and your recurring ads will still be published

  • Go to the section ‘Closure and holidays’

  • Choose the relevant bank holiday, click on “the shop is open” just as it shows here :

🕓 Attention : if you are open on a bank holiday with different opening hours, do not forget to modify them on the detailed section of your adverts, and avoid the users to find closed doors when they come to collect their baskets!

🌴 Closing periods

Because we all deserve holidays!

Excluding bank holidays, if your business closes for a whole day or a specific period, indicate this in your calendar so that your recurring ads would be paused and your basket would not be published. 🙏

⬇️ Steps to follow

  • Go to the section “Closure and holidays”

  • Click on “Add a period”, or on the day of your choice

  • Choose the type of closure : “One day” for one-off closure, or “Period” for several days.

  • Chose you closing days

  • Tick the box to allow us to disable your ads automatically on those days.

  • Confirm and it’s done!

  • Your recurring ads will be paused during this period and will be automatically republished when you return. So convenient!

⏱️ Opening period with different hours

Follow the same steps as for reporting your closing days and select "Indicate a change of hours". These summer hours will be applied throughout this exceptional period. Nothing could be easier!

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