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Is PayPal The Only Way To Collect Payments?
Is PayPal The Only Way To Collect Payments?

Paypal is only used when depositing money into wallets and not used for payments between users and managers.

Written by Douglas Sim
Updated over a week ago

Plugzio leverages PayPal's services for processing payments which offers both managers and users security protocols like using two-factor verification along with all the security measures PayPal offers its customer base.

PayPal only comes into play when depositing money into a wallet. Once money is in the wallet, transactions can happen between users and managers within the Plugzio ecosystem without a PayPal fee. For example:

  • User activates a Plugzio device which has a fee of $1/hr for 2 hours

  • Once the user is done, $2 will be deducted from the user's wallet

  • On the manager's wallet, $2 will be added to the manager's wallet

Currently, PayPal fees for US and Canada are 2.9% + $0.30 of the currency.

We are also looking into adding other online transaction methods like Stripe for the future.

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