What Is A "Private" Device?

A "Private" device can ONLY be turned On/Off by authorized users, NOT the public.

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"Private" devices are mostly used for private parking spaces or individual usage. Think of it as a private device that only specific people can turn On/Off.

Plugzio users that are not specifically granted access to a "Private" device will be denied access while trying to activate the device.

Benefits Of "Private" Devices:

  • Management can control/monitor usage to a specific device that needs to be used for a specific purpose. Such as an outlet in the lobby that should only be used by the cleaning crew and not anyone else.

  • Can guarantee the availability of a deviceto a certain user by making it only accessible to that specific user.

Here is an example of a "Private" outlet on the management dashboard. In this case the device is only available to 3 users and the rate (i.e. "Payment Plan") is specifically defined for each of those users.

What Happens If An Unauthorized User Tries To Access a "Private" Device?

The user will be denied access.

To update the access plan to "Public" or "Private", please read this article.

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