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Sign Up For An Account & Register Your First Device
Sign Up For An Account & Register Your First Device

Step-by-step guide on how to register for a Plugzio manager account & go through the "Get Started" process

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Full Registration & Get Started Walkthrough (With Audio)

Registration Step-By-Step Guide

  • Open your browser and navigate to

  • Select the option to register a new account to start the account registration process

  • Fill in the required fields and accept both the terms of service and privacy policy
    E-mail: Must be a valid e-mail address
    Password: Must be 8+ characters with at least 1 capital and 1 special character
    Confirm Password: Must be the same as "Password"

  • Check the registered e-mail address for a confirmation e-mail
    ​- E-mail will be from "" (email may take a few minutes to arrive)

  • Follow the confirmation link in the e-mail to a "Management Account Verified" page to complete the registration process
    ​- The link must be activated within 15mins of completing the registration process
    - If the link has expired (i.e. 15+ mins), please repeat the registration process to trigger another activation e-mail

  • Login with the newly registered account, you now have a Plugzio Manager account.

  • You are now ready to start registering your first Plugzio device!

Device Setup Step-By-Step Guide

  • Created your first wallet

  • Created your first payment plan

  • Registered & configured your first Plugzio device

Initial Requirements

  • This section is only applicable to brand-new managers.

  • This section assumes that you have purchased and installed a Plugzio device. The device must be powered on and connected to the internet with an active software subscription.
    - The device is connected to the internet when the LED on the device is breathing a cyan (i.e. light blue) color. For example:

  • If your manager account is new, you should be greeted by a "Get Started" message
    - New manager accounts have some items that need to be configured. This can be seen by the "!" icons on the navigation bar. For example:

  • Click the "Get Started" button in the center of the page. This will start the "Get Started" process to configure and set up your management account. The goal of this process is to:
    - Create a wallet to receive payments from the device

    - Create a payment plan for the device

    - Register and configure your first Plugzio device

  • The first step will prompt you for device information with the following fields:
    - Device ID - The device ID and QR code can be found in front of the device.
    - Description - Enter a description to help you identify this device.
    - Access Settings - The type of access you want your device to have
    > Private - Only Plugzio users specified by you can access this device
    > Public - Allows any Plugzio user to access this outlet

  • The second step will prompt you for wallet information with the following fields:
    - PayPal E-mail Address - This e-mail address is useful for withdrawing money out of your wallet. This field can always be edited in the "Wallets" page, so if you do not have a PayPal e-mail address, we suggest temporarily entering the registered e-mail address of the managers account.
    - Currency - Select the currency you would like to store money in (this will be the same currency users will be billed in)
    - Wallet Name - Select a name to help you identify your wallet. Names can be changed at any time under the "Wallets" page

  • The third step will prompt you for payment plan information with the following fields below. Note that you can choose to charge users with any combination of the available payment plan options. Plugzio devices can even be free for certain users! Payment Plan Options:
    - Description - Name of the payment plan or something to help you identify what this plan is for.
    - Activation Fee - The amount of money that will be billed upon activating the device
    - Duration Rate - The amount of money that will be billed per hour of using the device
    - Consumption Rate - The amount of money that will be billed per kilo-watt hour of consumption

  • Once you have completed the third step, you will be greeted by a summary of all your options. Select confirm to connect & register your device, create your wallet and payment plan.
    - Note that the Plugzio device being registered must be powered on with internet access for this step to be successful.


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