Manager - Registering Devices

Step-by-step guide on how to register a Plugzio device to your account.

Written by Douglas Sim
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Initial Requirements


  • Make sure that the device you would like to register is installed, powered on, and connected to the internet.
    - The device is connected to the internet when the LED on the device is breathing a cyan (i.e. light blue) color. For example:

  • Open your browser and navigate to

  • Log into your Plugzio Management account.

  • Click on the "Outlet Management" tab on the navigation bar to go to the "Outlet Management" page.
    - The navigation bar can be seen on the left of the page.
    - If the navigation bar is not seen click the hamburger icon next to the "Plugzio" logo on the top left of the page.

  • Click the "Register Device" button to start the device registration process.
    - If you have no devices registered, the "Register Device" button is located at the center of the page
    - If you already 1 or more devices registered, the "Register Device" button is located on the top left of the page

  • Fill out the required fields and then press the "Submit" button.
    - Device ID - The device ID and QR code can be found in front of the device.
    - Description - Enter a description to help you identify this device.
    - Access - Type of access you want your device to have
    > Private - Only Plugzio users specified by you can access this outlet
    > Public - Allows any Plugzio user to access this outlet
    - Payment Plan - This field only appears when choosing "Public" access. This field sets the public payment plan for users.

  • Once the "Submit" button is pressed the the device will register to your account and a new tile with the registered device ID will appear
    - Note that the Plugzio device being registered must be powered on with internet access for this step to be successful.

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