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Manager - How Do I Create A Payment Plan & Rate For A Outlet Or A User?
Manager - How Do I Create A Payment Plan & Rate For A Outlet Or A User?

Payment plans can be set for outlets and/or users on the Plugzio Management Dashboard

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If you are not the Plugzio Service Provider (PSP), send your provider these details to enable them to update the payment settings:

  1. Plugzio Outlet ID (Found on the front of the device, e.g. 790KB)
    - If the outlet's access plan is "Private". You also need to provide the email address of the Plugzio user whom this payment plan will be applied to.
    - If the outlet's access plan is "Public". The payment plan will automatically be applied to everyone using this outlet, other than the users with special privileges (Read more).

  2. The desired payment plan rate
    - To learn about the multiple ways a user can be charged, please read this article.

For Plugzio Service Providers (PSP), there are 2 steps involved:

  1. Create a Payment Plan.

  2. Assign the plan to a user and/or a "Public" outlet.

Here are the steps to create a Payment Plan:

  • Head to the Plugzio management dashboard and open the "Payment Plans" page. If the desired payment plan does not exist on the list. Click on "Create Plan".

  • Define the characteristics of the payment plan.
    - As an example, the plan bellow is set to charge $0.20 per hour of usage and the money is deposited into the "CAD Wallet" which was created on the "Wallets" page.
    - NOTE: The "Description" is what is used to refer to this Payment Plan throughout the dashboard so make sure to choose a name that is descriptive.

  • When you are done, click "Submit". The payment plan will be added to the list.

Here are the steps to assign a payment plan to a user and/or a "Public" outlet:

  • Find the outlet ID you are trying to change payment plan for.

  • Click on the "Public" icon to change the payment plan for a "Public" outlet. To learn more on how to set an outlet to be "Public" or "Private", read this article.

  • To add a new user to an outlet, click on "Add User". You will be asked to provide the user's email address and choose a payment plan.
    NOTE: At this point, for security and spam protection purposes, a user must have already created a Plugzio user account before it can be added to an outlet.

  • To edit the payment plan for an existing user on the list, click on the pen icon for that specific user.

  • To remove a user's access to an outlet. Click on the 'x' icon in front of the user's name under the desired outlet. You will be asked to confirm the action.

Important NOTE: If the outlet is set to be "Public" removing the user from the list DOES NOT prevent them from accessing the outlet. If the intention is to prevent use by a specific user, we suggest creating a ridiculously expensive payment plan and assigning it specifically to that user under the desired outlet.

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