Do cellular signal boosters work with Plugzio?

Recommended signal boosters for Plugzio cellular devices

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A strong and stable cellular connection is crucial for Plugzio cellular devices to work properly. A good cellular connection means that the Plugzio cellular device can reliably send and receive data from the Plugzio cloud.

Unfortunately, not all locations have adequate cellular signal or fast data for internet connectivity. This can be fixed by installing a cellular signal booster to boost the signal strength and coverage.

Cellular Devices Types

There are 2 types of Plugzio cellular devices, 3G and LTE-M. The icon on the front label of your Plugzio device will indicate what device you have:

Plugzio 3G Devices

Plugzio 3G cellular devices operate on the same frequency and bands as your wireless mobile device. Therefore any 3G cellular booster that amplifies your phone's 3G signal is compatible with Plugzio 3G cellular devices.

Plugzio LTE Devices

LTE-M (also known as LTE Cat-M1) is a new Low Power Wide Area Network technology which provides better penetration compared to 3G. This is not the same as LTE 4G for mobile phones but is typically supported under most new 4G cellular boosters. However, this varies from vendor to vendor. For this purpose, we recommend boosters from Wilson Amplifiers. The following amplifier models are compatible with boosting both 4G cellular and LTE-M:

WiFi Devices vs. Cellular Devices

Note that Plugzio Wi-Fi devices do not use cellular data to operate. WiFi device have the ability to connect to any Wi-Fi network, just like your PC or mobile device.

There are many factors involved in choosing the correct cellular booster for your needs. Some of these factors include:

  • How strong the outside signal is, will affect how powerful an amplifier is needed.

  • How much area are you trying to cover?

  • The landscape of the area you are trying to cover.

If you are unsure of how to select a cellular booster, we recommend getting in contact with a specialist or even an installer.

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