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What Causes My Charging Session To End?
What Causes My Charging Session To End?

Reasons that can cause a user's charging session to terminate.

Written by Douglas Sim
Updated over a week ago

There are several factors that can cause a charging session to end or terminate. This article will describe these factors as well as provide solution and recommendations on how to prevent sessions from unexpectedly terminating.

Below are common reasons why a charging session terminates or ends:

  • Session is terminated from the user's cloud dashboard.

  • User's wallet runs out of money.

  • Vehicle is unplugged from the Plugzio device.

  • Vehicle is fully charged.

  • Vehicle is not plugged in within the session's grace period.

  • Manager terminates the session remotely.

  • Manager has set up a time-based payment plan where the device is not available during a portion of the charging period.

  • Plugzio device loses power or is rebooted.

  • Plugzio device loses internet connectivity for a prolonged period of time.

Session Is Terminated From The User's Cloud Dashboard

When a user starts a session, the user has the ability to remotely terminate the session from the user's dashboard. In order to terminate a session, the user will have to:

  • Log in and navigate to the "Dashboard" page

  • Click the "Turn Off" button on the "Recent Sessions" tile.

This is typically done intentionally by a user. However, if you think that someone is accessing your account and terminating sessions please change the password of your account.

User Wallet Runs Out of Money

When using a Plugzio device there maybe a cost associated with the device. This cost is displayed prior to the device's activation. If the user's wallet runs out of money mid-session, the session will automatically terminate and users will be billed only for what they have used.

In order to re-activate the sesison, the user's wallet must have a positive balance. The balance of your wallets as well as a transaction history can be viewed under the "Wallets" page.

To top up your wallet, please follow the User - Top Up A Wallet guide.

Vehicle Is Unplugged From The Plugzio Device

All Plugzio devices turn off immediately when the current drawn from the device goes to zero. This is a safety feature in order to prevent other people unplugging users and charging at their expense.

That being said, unplugging can sometimes be done unintentionally if the charger connected is hanging off the Plugzio device and/or not plugged in properly in the beginning. For example:

In order to prevent the above situation, we recommend either:

  • Use a charger right angle connectors

  • Install a charger mount near the Plugzio device for charger and its cables to rest on.

Example of a right angled charger:

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations โ€“ Leviton

Example of wall mounts for chargers:

Vehicle Is Fully Charged

A fully charge vehicle will typically automatically stop drawing current from the Plugzio device. This scenario is similar to the unplug scenario above and the Plugzio device will detect a drop to zero current and end the session.

By automatically ending the session, users are only billed on how much electricity they have used and how long the vehicle was charging for.

Vehicle Is Not Plugged In Within the Session's Grace Period

When a session is first activated, there is a 60 second grace period before Plugzio's unplug detection kicks in. This gives time for both the user to plug in as well as for the vehicle to start requesting current from the device. If no current draw is detected within this time period, the unplug detection kicks in and the session is terminated.

We strongly recommend plugging your vehicle into a Plugzio device before activating a session to avoid this scenario.

Manager Terminates The Session Remotely

Managers are people who own the infrastructure as well as the Plugzio device. In some cases, managers may want to make devices unavailable. An example of why they may want to do this is for maintenance. However reasons can vary depending on the management's decision.

If you think your sessions are being terminated by the device's manager. Please contact the device management to find out. The manager's contact information can be found when attempting to activate a device.

Manager Has Set Up A Time-Based Payment Plan Where The Device Is Not Available During A Portion of The Charging Period

Managers have the ability to create payment plans with dynamic pricing that varies with time. One of these abilities include setting time periods that a device is not available for use.

Upon activating a device, you will be shown the payment plans for the next 24 hours as well as the ability to view the payment in further detail if you wish to see the payment plan for more than 24 hours. This will also show you any time periods where the device is not accessible to users. For Plugzio units with time based plans, review the plan before starting the session to avoid surprises.

When a session is terminated, the user will only be billed for what they have used, as well as the duration of the session up to the termination time. Users can always view payment breakdowns and session history under the "Session History" page.

Example of a user activating a device with a time-based plan:

Plugzio Device Loses Power Or Is Rebooted

Plugzio devices are constantly recording and monitoring session duration and electrical consumption. Therefore, when a Plugzio device loses power or is rebooted the session data right before powering of is maintained on the device.

When a Plugzio device boots up, it will automatically attempt to connect to the cloud. Once connected to the cloud, the session data on the device is immediately sent to the cloud and the session is terminated at a time before the device powered off. Users are then billed only for the what they have used as well as the duration of the session up to the termination time.

Sessions are terminated upon boot-up since the Plugzio device does not know how long it has been powered off for, or if an unplug/re-plug has occurred when the device is powered off. This is to make sure that the user is billed as accurately as possible and to avoid any power theft.

Plugzio device losing power is typically caused by a breaker trip or if the reset button on the device is pushed.

Plugzio Device Loses Internet Connectivity For A Prolonged Period of Time

With the exception of devices in Bluetooth mode, Plugzio WiFi and Cellular device depend on constant cloud connectivity to ensure accurate billing and consumption monitoring. When a Plugzio device loses connectivity for a prolonged period of time (i.e. 20mins+), the device will automatically record and store the most recent consumption and session duration locally before attempting to terminate the session and connect back to the cloud. Once connected back to the cloud, the device can be reactivated to start a new session.

Cellular devices rely on cellular data for cloud connectivity if the cellular network goes down or is blocked for some reason the session may be stopped.

WiFi devices rely on a WiFi network for cloud connectivity, if the WiFi goes down or is blocked for some reason the session may be stopped.

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