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How can I connect Google Analytics to Polar?
How can I connect Google Analytics to Polar?

This article details how you can add your Google Analytics or Google Analytics 4 account to Polar Analytics.

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Polar Analytics supports both Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as connectors. Oftentimes, customers will opt to connect both Google Analytics (for historical data) as well as GA4 (for current data). If you'd like to utilize GA4 exclusively, you can disable your original Google Analytics connector in order to retain the historical data.

How-To: Connect Google Analytics to Polar

Step 1: Navigate to the Connectors tab here, and click "Configure" on GA4 (or Google Analytics, if you're connecting an account for historical data).

Step 2: Click "Add Google Analytics Account" to connect your account to Polar. Follow the onscreen prompts.

Step 3: From there, you can opt to turn on a Start / End Date for your Google Analytics connectors. For example, if you'd like to connect both Google Analytics UA (for historical data), as well as GA4 (for current data), you can set an end date on Google Analytics, and a start date on GA4. This will enable Polar Analytics to ignore all data from prior to the start date and following the end date.

To enable the start and end dates, turn on the toggle below and select the date you'd prefer.

We recommend setting the start date on GA4 for whenever you began utilizing this connector exclusively. This will help us to most accurately calculate metrics like Conversion Rate, based on your Sessions data.

Step 4: Click save and wait for the data to load.

Not sure if you have Google Analytics or GA4?

To check if you have GA4 set up, you can check in your Google Analytics account. In the account selection dropdown, A "GA4" will be next to the name.

If you have several stores, don't forget to add all your Google Analytics accounts.

This is a necessary step to start pulling data. You won't see any dashboards until your Shopify and Google Analytics accounts have been connected.

Once it's done, you will receive an email. The process of pulling your data and creating dashboards can take up to 24 hours.

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