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Why do I see a difference in the Ads data on Polar compared to the source?
Why do I see a difference in the Ads data on Polar compared to the source?

My Ads data (Facebook, Google Ads, Snapchat...) doesn't match what is on Polar

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Your data has now loaded on Polar but you are noticing some differences between the data you see on Polar and the data you see on the ad platform: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Let's take Facebook Ads as an example:

  • First, let's make sure you have connected the right account in your Connectors. Click on Configure and check the account selection. Check that you have the same attribution settings as on your Facebook account. If you need to reconnect an account, here is how to do it.

  • If it's well connected and the data has finished importing, check you have no View on

  • Now when you compare with Facebook Ads Manager, compare a few key metrics using the same date range. For example, Spend, Purchases and ROAS.

    Remember that if you check for the most recent conversion data (for example yesterday), there can be a slight difference since we don’t pull it in real-time, but that it should adjust shortly after.

  • If you have several ad accounts on different timezones, make sure to use the one that refreshes the latest during the day as your main Polar timezone. For example, if you have a UK Facebook account (UTC +1) and a US one (EST) and your main timezone in Polar is the (UTC +1), the data for your US account won't be ready yet and will update later during the day. So it's better to use the US (EST) as your main timezone on Polar.


If you are on trial, as Custom Reports are not available, you can add more Key Indicators on your homepage and have more detailed data. For example, you can add clicks, CTR, or CPC.

If you still see some differences after following these steps, you can reach out to us in the Chat or on Slack.

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