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What user permissions does Polar have?
What user permissions does Polar have?

The following article details Polar's various permission levels, and the actions users can take with each permission level.

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In Polar Analytics, there are three different permission levels available: Admins, Viewers and Connectors.

Admins in Polar have full access to the app and can make adjustments to all connector configurations, Custom Reports, Views, Custom Metrics, and more.

Viewers in Polar have limited access. Viewers in Polar do NOT have access to:

  • Change Connectors

  • Change Custom Report names (however, they can edit metrics, filters, and breakdowns within a Custom Report)

  • Change account avatar

  • Add team members or change permission levels for team members

  • Delete Views (however, they can edit the configuration of Views)

Connectors can only add data sources.

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