Events in Prism can hold all kinds of information for Production teams to help streamline communication across the team and create one source of truth for all event information. You can keep track of your Run of Show, advance the show, and track expenses needed for settling -- all within Prism.

Run of Show


  • You will have a Run of Show (RoS) tab on every event to keep track of load in, set times, curfew, and more. You may create a custom Run of Show for each event by clicking the "Add item" button on the event's RoS tab or apply a Run of Show template for standard set times.

  • Enter the Title of the RoS item, update the time, and click Save.

  • Please use Google Chrome when making updates to the Run of Show or you may experience issues.

Run of Show templates

  • Like most things in Prism, you can create a shortcut by adding RoS to an Event Template.

  • To add a RoS to an Event Template, click on “Settings”, “Templates”, and then “Event Templates.” 

  • Now any time you create an event and apply the Event Template, you can bring in the RoS information which you can always modify later on if you need to adjust times or elements of the schedule.

Advancing in Prism


  • Your advance is where all your behind-the-scenes/production information lives. This tab can be super useful to coordinate not only your production staff, but also the talent’s team.

  • On the Advance tab in an event in Prism, click the Edit button to add Facebook event URLs, ticketing URLs, or any staffing info. Under “Additional Advance Information” you can build your full-on Advance document with complete customizability. You can click on “View” to see a clean formatted version and Preview or Download to print the advance.

  • For more detail on using the Advance tab in Prism, including how to create an Advance template, check out this article.

Keep Track of Show Notes and Files


The Notes tab on a Prism event allows you to keep sticky notes on a show. Click Add Note to add a new sticky note.


Upload any type of file related to an event on the Files tab. Click Add File, choose a file, and select start upload to add the file to the event. Files must be less than 5MB.

Track your Expenses


  • In addition to tracking high-level production costs, you can also use Prism to track actual expenses as well.

Updating Production Costs

Within an event, all expenses are tracked on the "Costs" tab. Click on the Fixed Costs section to expand and view your Production Costs. On a Confirmed Event, you will be able to compare externally reported Offer Budget numbers and your Actual Internal spend. To add actual internal production expenses, add your actual cost to the "Actual Internal" column. To update production costs for the settlement, update the "Reported External" number.

Offer Budget: Equals Qty*Cost, reported on Offer (if purple toggle is on)
Estimated Internal: your estimated cost; always kept internally within Prism
Actual Internal: actual internal cost; reported on Internal Settlement and P&L
Settlement: this value will appear on the artist settlement


If you are also responsible for settling shows, check out this article on how to settle in Prism.

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