Creating and Managing Holds

This article outlines steps for creating holds, updating hold dates and hold levels, and copying holds to send via email.

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The first step to getting started in Prism is learning how to create and manage holds. Once you have created a hold, you can copy its holds to your clipboard to easily share dates.

Holds can be created from the Calendar view or the Event List view. 

Creating Holds from the Calendar View

On the calendar view, single holds can be created by clicking on the plus sign or clicking on the calendar directly to select dates. You can also click and drag to select multiple dates.

Fill out the following fields to Save your holds or start building your show. 

  1. Choose Hold or Confirmed at the top of the hold builder.

  2. Toggle on 'Rental' if the event is either a Rental or an event with an Outside Promoter -- learn more on Rental events here.

  3. Artist Name (Optional) - Start typing in the artist's name and make a selection via the Spotify integration. If the artist is not on Spotify, type in their name and select the "Not in Spotify" option at the bottom of the dropdown list.

    Note: The Artist Name will automatically pull into the Deals tab on the event.

  4. Event Name* - The Artist Name will feed into the Event Name, but you can edit this field as needed.

  5. Select or create a contact (Optional) - This field enables you to track and report on the agents or primary contact you are working with for a particular event. Begin typing an existing contact's name to search and select the contact from the dropdown. To create a new contact, begin typing the contact's name and scroll to the bottom of the list click "Create new contact." You will then be able to add additional details like email, phone number, etc. to the contact record. More on Contacts here.

  6. Choose Venue* - Select a Venue from the dropdown. If you need to add a new venue, select the Create venue option at the bottom of the venue list or navigate to Settings if you are an admin.

  7. Choose Stage* - Select a Stage or multiple Stages using the checkbox

  8. Create from Template (Optional) - Shortcut the event-building process by selecting a template to import a ton of data all at once. Note that this can be edited later and templates can be applied after the hold is created. 

  9. Priority Hold (Optional) - Select this checkbox if you would like to select the best available hold level starting at H1.

  10. Save Dates as Single Events (Optional) - Select this checkbox at the bottom of the event builder to create a separate, individual hold on each day that has been selected on the calendar, instead of placing multiple holds for a single event. This is very useful for:

    • Creating multiple events as part of a tour at once

    • Creating recurring events or residencies over extended periods of time that need to be managed and settled separately.

NOTE: If you utilize the plus sign to create a hold (as opposed to clicking directly on the calendar), dates will not be required on the hold. This is useful for Mutually Agreeable Deals (MADs) but if you are looking to add dates, just click on the calendar to select dates. 

Creating Holds from the Events List View

From the events view, click the plus sign on the left hand bar to create a hold. Use the same methods as listed above to enter event information and select hold dates.

Updating Hold Dates and Levels

From the calendar: Click on the hold and adjust the level from the dropdown or select "Manage Holds" to manage all of the holds in a single view
From an event: Click the three dot menu and Select "Manage Holds"
From the event list: Click the three dot menu and Select "Manage Holds"

To update hold levels from Manage Holds, click on the hold level and select the appropriate level. 

Copying Hold Dates 

Need to send someone all your hold dates/levels? Prism allows you to copy all of your hold info in one click. You can copy a list of hold dates to your clipboard to paste into email easily from Prism.

From the calendar: Click on the hold and click on the clipboard on the top right corner of the pop up
From an event: Click the clipboard in the top right corner
From the event list: Select the event and click the clipboard in the top right corner

Note: The clipboard text will include "Any holds not listed are NA," if you would like to remove that from the Copy Holds clipboard text, please contact

Confirm a Hold

Check out this article when you are ready to confirm a hold.

Have a question about creating Mutually Agreeable Deals (MADs) without dates associated in Prism? Visit this page

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