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Thanks so much for choosing Product Customizer! This app allows you to customize your Shopify products by adding new fields, dropdowns, and file uploads.

Product Customizer for Shopify helps you to create near-unlimited combinations of options for each of your products! Check out some of the following resources to get started with the app:


You can get started with Product Customizer in minutes! Check out our installation and set up guide to ensure that the app is ready to go with your shop and current theme.

Adding Customizations

Option Types

Product Customizer offers 10 types of field or option types (with more on the way soon!) that you can add to your product page:

  • Small Text Inputs (can be converted into Font Picker option)

  • Large Text Inputs

  • Select (Dropdown) Inputs

  • File Uploads

  • Single Checkboxes

  • Checkbox Groups

  • Radio Buttons

  • Color Swatch

  • Image Swatch

Read our overview of option types to learn more about each, or read about creating options to get started.

Adding Options to Products

Ready to add these options to products? Check out our document on adding options to products.

Charge a Fee per Option

Available for Premium app plan users: You can optionally add a fee for each option generated by Product Customizer when using the pro tier of the app. Read more about adding costs per option here.

Showing Options in Email Confirmations

Customizations are not added to email confirmations by default by Shopify. However, you can add a snippet of code to fix this! Read our how-to article to learn how to do this -- we'd also be happy to help out with this tweak as needed!

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