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A quick guide on adding your first options to your products within 4 steps!

Install the app

First, we've got to make sure Product Customizer is installed into your shop and theme.

  • Is Product Customizer available in your "Apps" menu? If not, please install the app.

  • Have you installed the app snippets into your theme's liquid files? This is needed to ensure that options will show up for customers. You can view installation instructions for our Basic Plan or for our Premium Plans if not. Please note: our team will also manually check your store's theme install within a few hours of you adding the app. So feel free to also just sit tight and wait for our email confirming the completion of your install.

If the app is installed in your shop and theme, you're ready to go!

1. Add Your Option(s)

When you open the app under Apps > Product Customizer, you'll see your products -- we'll get to them in a second! We'll need to create some options to add to them first. Go to the "Options" tab in Product Customizer.

This is where all of your parent options will be listed for the app. Now click on "Add Option" in the right. This will let you create your option, which we can add to one or more products. Select the type of option you want to create, and then complete the fields for that option.

Once you've completed the fields for the option, click "Save Option" in the top right. Your parent option is now available to add to products!

You can add more options or move on to add this option to one or more products.

2. Add Option(s) to Your Product(s)

Once you have at least one parent option created, you can add the option to your products. An option can be re-used across one or more products, and can even be edited or customized for that particular product.

Go to Product Customizer > Products. Here you'll see all of your products, and you can either add options to a single product, or multiple products at once.

Add Option to One Product:

Click on the product name. This will let you search for options to add to the product. Enter the name of an option, then click on the name of the option(s) you want to apply to the product. You can then re-order the options to display them as desired.

Advanced Tip: This option is now a "child option" so you can make changes to it that do not apply to the parent option.

When you add an option to a product, it becomes a child option. This means that it inherits all of its features from the parent option, or you can choose to "override" part of the option for the child. For example, you may want to remove an option in a dropdown field for a particular product. Overriding the child option lets you do so while still allowing you to use the parent option across other products.

Any changes made here are only reflected on this child option, so it lets you customize the way an option works for this product only. You can also revert any child option changes with one click to go back to the parent option defaults!

Changes you make to child options on a product are automatically saved as you go. When you're done, click "Done" in the top right to exit back to the Products list.

Add Option(s) to Multiple Products:

You can also add options to several products at once. From the Products list, click the checkboxes for the products you want to add the option to. Filtering your products may help here, too!

When you've selected them all, click the "Bulk Actions" button and click "Add Options":

This will open up a modal box -- search for the options you want to add to these products, select them (and re-order if needed), and then click "Add Options":

Nicely done! The options have now been added to all products you selected:

You're now ready to check out your handy work but first, we need to run our NEW Setup Wizard which will take you through the steps of powering the options on your store!

3. Run the NEW Setup Wizard!

Return to the main page and click the Setup Wizard button to get started:

Note: It is highly recommended to read up on how to use the Wizard here:

4. View Your Work!

Once you've added options to a product and completed the NEW Setup Wizard, you can click the "View in Store" button from the top right while adding / re-ordering options, or just browse your store to that product. Your options will appear on your product page, and customers can complete them as part of an order.

This is why it's important to ensure that snippets are installed into your theme: while you can add options and assign them to products yourself, without adding the snippets into your theme, they won't show here to customers.

4. Take it Further

If you want to keep learning about using Product Customizer, here are the next documents we recommend:

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