How to use Conditional Logic Feature
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Product Customizer's premium plan includes Conditional Logic, which allows you to further customize how your product options appear in your store. Using conditional logic, you can show or hide options based on the values of other options.

Add Conditional Logic to a Product

1. First, select a product.

2. Then, once you have added options to your product, click the conditional logic tab at the top of the page.

3. Create a new rule

4. Add logic to your new rule. In this case, the embroidered option will only show if the shopper selects the color red.

Now the embroidery text box will not appear until the user selects the red color, like so:

Try adding some conditional logic to your customized products! Note that removing a product option will also remove its associated conditional logic rules.

This feature is currently still in Beta, and we would love to hear your feedback. Send us a note at

Create a rule with more than one condition

Product customizer allows each rule you create to have more than one condition. Then, you can decide if the action should be executed when all of them are true, any of them are true, or none of them are true. To add more than one condition, navigate to the conditional logic tab on your chosen product.

1. Once you have created a rule, click the add condition button

2. Add another condition to your rule

3. Choose whether you would like this rule to apply when any of your conditions are true, if all of your conditions are true, or if none of your conditions are true

In the store front - these rules will appear like this:

Note that you can also add multiple actions for a rule as well.

Adding More than One Rule to a Product

Each product in your store can have multiple conditional logic rules applied to it. To add more than one rule to your product, start by clicking the Create new rule button.

One thing to note is that if you have more than rule applied to your product, and the two conflict, the later rule will override a rule higher on the in the list.

Since the hide rule comes last in our store front the embroidery field will be hidden when the color option is set to red.

We can drag and drop our rules to re-order them. That way, you can control which rules take precedence.

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