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How to Access Customer File Uploads
How to Access Customer File Uploads
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When you use the file upload customization, customers are able to upload a file as part of their customized product. The good news here is that the uploaded files do not count against your Shopify storage limit. (Shopify does limit them to 20MB, however.)

Instead, they're included as part of your customers' orders. In order to access them, you'll need to view the order that includes the uploaded file by going to "Orders" from your Shopify admin.

When you click on the order number to view the order, the file will be included for the customized product. If the uploaded file is an image, it will be displayed, otherwise a link will be shown to click and download the file.

ALSO NOTICE: As of July 2019, an important change was made by Shopify to the way that they host images on Google Chrome.

***This is actually caused by a Shopify update on July 17th, 2019 which causes image files to be automatically converted to webp type files (a google chrome file type). Read Shopify's notification about this change HERE.


A.) These options were directly given to us by Shopify Support:

You can check out this video I've recorded:

>>The first alternative is to download the image as WebP and drag it to your browser in order to view the photo. You can take a screenshot of it from there or convert the image using image conversion tools. The second alternative is to try using "Save Link As..." instead of clicking on the photo. As seen in the video, this could offer the option to save the link as a JPEG file. Let me know if you find any of these alternatives working for you or if you have other questions, I'm more than happy to assist further.

>>Another option is you can access the orders through a Safari (or other type) of browser instead of google chrome and the images will download as normal file types


We are very sorry about this issue. It is not a problem with our app, but is a challenge caused by with Shopify's July 2019 update. We encourage you to help us email and tell them about the problem.

Thanks for your understanding!

-The Product Customizer Support Team

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