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ReCharge Compatibility
ReCharge Compatibility
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Product Customizer is compatible with ReCharge, the recurring billing and subscriptions app.

Free Plan

This plan is compatible with ReCharge out-of-the-box, without any integration steps.

Premium Tier

Our Premium Tier allows you to add custom pricing to your Product Customizer options to an unlimited number of products. We use a secondary product to add the associated product option fees since Shopify doesn't allow us to modify the product price directly. As a result, a few settings are required within ReCharge to make sure your customers' subscriptions do not fall out of sync with their priced options.

  1. From your ReCharge app, click the wrench icon and select Customer Portal.

  2. Select Only Storeowner is able to cancel subscription.

  3. Under Subscription status, select Only Storeowner is able to cancel subscription.

  4. Under Reactivate subscription, select Only Storeowner is allowed to reactivate subscription.

  5. Under Quantity, select Only storeowner is allowed to update quantity.

  6. Under Change variants, select Only storeowner can change variants.

The above settings will ensure product options do not fall out of sync with your subscriptions. Please note, customers will be required to email your team to update/modify their subscriptions.

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