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Ajax Mode and Product Customizer (New!)
Ajax Mode and Product Customizer (New!)
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Ajax -enabled themes provide a great shopping experience for customers, before it would cause issues with Product Customizer but no more! We are 100% compatible with ALL Ajax Type Carts!

Does my theme use Ajax?

First, try adding a product to your cart. Is there a cool effect that does this without the page refreshing / reloading? This means that your theme is using an Ajax add-to-cart method, and using the Setup Wizard you can enable Ajax Mode for full compatibility.

What to expect from Ajax Mode

Ajax Mode will now dynamically process data added to cart on your store and append any customization data or customization charges where applicable. Additionally, there will be a backup URL on every order which contains file upload options from our app as we have also improved that option to prevent instances of missing URL when using the standard upload mechanism. This is all a seamless process once activated so no need for extra configuration!

How do I enable Ajax Mode?

You can enable Ajax Mode via Step 5b of our Setup Wizard here: Setup Wizard :: Step 5 however if you're not familiar with the Wizard we highly recommend you start reading about the Wizard here: Getting Started :: Setup Wizard

I'm Confused -- Can You Help?

Of course! We're happy to assist you in enabling Ajax Mode if you're not sure how to proceed.

Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to be a part of the conversation to help your theme appropriately handle your orders with Ajax actions.

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