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How to fulfill orders with Item customization

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When using QuickBooks fulfillment and order management with Product Customizer, you'll need to make a few adjustments to ensure all orders are fulfilled properly.

Step 1: Locate our Item Customization Product within your product section see the image below:

Step 2: Enter an arbitrary SKU on the Item Customization Product, this is done so that QuickBooks Inventory has record of the Item Customization Product, ensure you save these changes and take note of the SKU

Step 3: On the Quickbooks App, go to inventory and create an Item Customization

Product with the following data:

Product price $0.01

Inventory: Not tracked

SKU: skutest (or any value you decide to use)

After this is done, you'll see an option to create a link between the Item customization on Shopify and the one created within Quickbook, link both products, once this is done save and that's it.

All orders with price add-ons will populate within QuickBooks automatically

Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at :

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