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DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music
Introducing DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music, powered by Proton
Introducing DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music, powered by Proton

Phase 1 (Label Mixes), Phase 2 (Artist Mixes) and Phase 3 (Promo Mixes)

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For too long, DJ Mixes have been stuck in the dark ages. No money for DJs, artists, or labels. No proper tracklists for fans. Change has come!

Proton labels, artists, and promo pool DJs can now upload DJ Mixes directly to Spotify and Apple Music --

  • A play of your DJ Mix earns a full, monetized play for every song in the DJ Mix.

  • For each song in the DJ Mix, artists & labels earn the same money as an unmixed play from their original release. Artists & Labels don’t earn any less from a song played in a DJ Mix.

  • DJs earn money 10% too, coming from Proton’s share, WITHOUT lowering your label or artist's earnings!

  • Listeners can see exactly what song & artist they’re listening to in the mix’s tracklist.

Combined, Spotify & Apple Music have over 100 million paying subscribers. With this upgrade Proton helps our labels reach millions of paying listeners better than ever before, so you can earn more money from your existing catalog...

Bringing DJ Mixes to Spotify and Apple Music is no easy task, so we’ll be launching this new system in phases over time.  Phase 1 (Label Mixes), Phase 2 (Artist Mixes), and Phase 3 (Promo Mixes) are now available for free to all Proton labels.

  • Upload mixes featuring ONLY music from your label’s own catalog

  • Manage multiple Proton labels? Feature any of them in your mixes!

  • You can play upcoming music as long as it has been scheduled/shipped inside Proton. (This means you can play tracks that are currently on pre-order.)

In Phase 1 music labels can only release mixes that feature music from their own catalog. But in future phases we’ll introduce ways to release DJ Mixes that feature music from multiple labels!

  • Artists can upload mixes featuring the music of any Proton label they're signed to.

  • Artists can upload directly to SoundSystem, without needing help from managers.

  • Learn more about artist mixes here!

  • Any DJ in your promo pool can feature your music label in their mixes.

  • DJs can upload directly to SoundSystem, without needing help from managers.

  • Learn more about promo pool mixes here!

There are plenty of opportunities for your music label to increase revenue on Spotify and Apple Music. Here are some examples to give you ideas and show how it works:

EIN2 Mixed by Einmusik
On Spotify / On Apple Music

Berlin’s Einmusik, head honcho of the EIN2 label, released a 1.5 hour mix featuring his label’s catalog. In just over a month, the mix generated 80K+ streams across Spotify and Apple Music, driving tons of paying listeners to the back catalog his label to increase earnings.

Icefield by Warmth
On Spotify / On Apple Music

Since its release, Warmth’s ambient downtempo mix became his label’s #1 most streamed release of 2018, with some tracks in his mix gaining more plays in the mix than the original release!

Selected Stories from Chapter 24
On Spotify / On Apple Music

Many labels release “Various Artist” compilations in unmixed format. But by also releasing a mixed version of their compilation, Chapter 24 doubled the number of streams their compilation received.

THE ALLEYS Stream 001 by Mononoid
On Spotify / On Apple Music

The Mango Alley label launched a mix series with multiple episodes in mind, inviting top artists from their label to host - just like a radio show. 

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