To be able to give priority to outgoing orders, the first thing we have to do is to add the priority column in the Web App, click on the three lines (1) as shown in the image below.

Choose the option Priority (1) to add it to the overview.

Once this column is added, use the filter to select the orders that are in queue status in order to prioritize them and send for example the orders with the highest priority to picking first.

To prioritize the orders click on the three (1) dots on the right of the order as shown in the image, and choose the desired priority.

Using the sort by priority descending option (1) you will be able to see the orders with the highest priority at the top, so you can send these to picking first.

Important: If you created picking task prior to setting the priority they will not be re-prioritized in the PULPO WMS Android App.

If you want to prioritize picking tasks that were created without priority you can assign those to a user. The user will only see those tasks.

To do this, go to Picking in the menu and select the desired task. Then click on assign picker (1) to assigned a specific user by entering the user name (2).

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