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Plugging in your Google Analytics
Plugging in your Google Analytics


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You can plug in your Google Analytics page by selecting the 'Google Analytics' plugin button when adding a new profile to your owned brand in your settings page.

Simply select the 'Add Google Analytics' button to add this as a new data source.

You will then be taken through the Google Analytics authorisation process, the first step of which is to choose the Google account attached to your Google Analytics account.

Once you've selected your Google account, you will then be asked by Google to authorise Pulsar to access your Google Analytics data. If you are happy for us to proceed you then select 'Allow'. 

After authorising Pulsar to collect your Google analytics data, you will be directed back to Pulsar to select the website you would like us to track. 

Once you have chosen your website, press 'Plugin' and you're good to go!

To add multiple websites, just repeat the process and choose a different website to plugin which will add it as another profile to your brand.

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