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Plugging In Google Analytics
Plugging In Google Analytics

Find out more about the requirements and steps for plugging in Google Analytics!

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plug in Google Analytics into CORE

What is Plugging in?

Plugging in a profile authorizes Pulsar to collect insights data on your behalf. Plugged-in Google Analytics Profiles pull insights directly from Google Analytics.

🚨Important: Plugging in is only available for Owned Profiles as you will need to enter the profile's login credentials.

What info can I gain by plugging in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics only offers private data, so you must plug in in order to collect any data on CORE. Once plugged in, you'll be able to collect the following:

  • Visitor count

  • Sessions

  • Demographics

  • Published content

  • Comments count

  • Likes count

  • Shares count


Before plugging in your Google Analytics account, you'll need to make sure the following are in place:

  • You are logged into the correct account

Steps to plug in

  1. Find the Brandset where you'd like to add your Google Analytics account and enter the Brandset Settings

  2. In the Brandset Settings, select Plugin Profiles next to the Brand name

  3. Select Google Analytics

You'll be redirected to Google to complete the next part of the plugging-in process

  1. Select Advanced to view additional options

  2. Select Go to Pulsar Core

  3. Click Allow to give Pulsar access to your Google Analytics insights

You've now successfully linked Pulsar to your Google Analytics account! You'll be taken back to the CORE Brandset Settings to finish plugging in.

  1. Select the Google Analytics page you'd like to plug in and click Plugin Profile

Your Google Analytics profile has now been plugged into CORE and you will begin collecting private insights starting from the time when the profile was plugged in!

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