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Contextualize your Content and see its performance over time
Contextualize your Content and see its performance over time


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We've made a nice little change on CORE. Did you spot it? It might not look like much at first, but we've introduced a powerful new way for you to analyse the perfomance of your content over time. 

Taking inspiration from our Google Analytics integration, the Top Posts graph on CORE now shows you which posts are performing best that day, irrespective of when they were published. This means a couple of significant improvements to help you understand your content perfomance.

1. Firstly, you can now see if a piece of content performs consistently well over a period of time. By hovering over a post, we immediately isolate and highlight that specific post, so you can visually track how it's consistently performed over a period. 

How is this different to the previous top posts you might ask? Well, the key takeaway from this new behaviour is we can now plot the trajectory of a post's engagements, if that post continues to perform well. This is as opposed to just showing you a total volume of engagements a post received. 

By so doing, you can easily follow the success of a post and even see if it's continuing to affect your follower growth over a period of time.
Equally, you'll be able to look at the engagement momentum your content is creating, and decide whether you think it's worth giving it a boost with promotion, or if it's engagement has already begun to plateau.

2. Secondly, you can now view the Top Posts based on the metric you choose to look at. 

Previously, we always showed you the success of your content by Impressions. Now, if you are looking in the Content Stats graph, you'll be able to see your best performing content by Engagements, by Visibility, by Impressions, or by Engagement Rate. Taking Engagements for example, you can then see if that spike in Engagements is due to a single piece of content continuing to perform well over several days or if it's due to multiple Tweets.

You'll also be able to see which pieces of content were the most successful that day by the size of the post.  

For videos, this becomes a particularly useful feature as you can see how your YouTube views build up over time and also start to spot if something is about to go viral. 

Lastly, if you're interested in seeing the performance of posts you have published on a specific date, you can still find this insight in the All Posts view by simply using the date filter and then ordering the content by your success metric.

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