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February 2019
Our Industry Average has evolved
Our Industry Average has evolved


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Over the past few months we've been working on optimising the way we store metrics on CORE. And with this work comes a significant improvement to the Industry Average metric, thus making it an even better benchmarking tool.

From now onwards, you'll be able to see what your Industry Average has been each day during the selected time period and benchmark yourself against your competitors giving you a more realistic and reliable industry benchmark. 

By being able to understand how your Industry Average has changed over time, you can now see whether your growth in followers over time, for example, is something that is occurring across your Industry or if this growth is down to your personal success.

Equally, you'll be able to see how your stand out content corresponds to the rest of your Industry. Was that spike in Engagements just a one-off success story for you, was it part of a larger industry trend, or did you breakout and beat all your competitors?

This update has been applied retroactively and across all channels so you'll have the benefit of this benchmark from the moment you added your channels to CORE.

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