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From Russia With Love: VK data now available on TRAC
From Russia With Love: VK data now available on TRAC


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Today we are pleased to announce a new data source you will be able to access on TRAC: Russian social network Vkontakte, also known as VK.

VK is the most popular social networking service among Russians with a reported 100 million active users, and ranking among the top 20 websites in the world (source: Alexa, Similar Web). So yeah it's a pretty big deal.

VK data is now available on TRAC in Topic and Content Searches. 

Below are some key facts about our VK data integration and what you can expect. 

  • For every VK post collected we get the shares, comments text, number of comments and number of likes. 

  • We are able to return the following author information: first name; last name; screen name; followers_count; gender; location (country); location (city); profile url; profile avatar. Please note that these fields are subject to change to VK's discretion with regards to their Public API. 

  • We can only show location information after we've collected a post, therefore during search setup, if you specify a location, we will collect your data globally and analyse the posts for the relevant location after we've collected the data. Any posts that do not match your location target at search setup will be rejected. 

  • Consequently this means that if you launch a historics preview with location applied, the data we ingest into your search will be different to the preview volume counts, which are global. Historical data is only available from January 1st 2018.

  • Whilst most VK content is in Russian, you can create queries in any language.  

  • We are currently unable to return attached media like photos and videos if they are shared in a post. 

For access to VK, please reach out to your Account Manager to have this enabled for your Team subdomain. 

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