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Introducing a New Usage Tracking Dashboard on Pulsar
Introducing a New Usage Tracking Dashboard on Pulsar


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Today we are pleased to reveal a new look and new home for your Pulsar usage and stats dashboard. You can now see everything you need to know about your Pulsar subscription, such as your data usage, your list of profiles, as well as manage your team’s access and permissions, all in one convenient page.

So first things first, how do you access this new page?

The new usage tracking dashboard is accessible by clicking on the main Settings icon, as shown below.

And once on this page, here’s the info you can get about your Pulsar subscription:

  1. Get an overview of the Pulsar products you have access to: TRAC, CORE, TRENDS, Pulsar API.

  2. Get an overview of the level of subscription you have per product, for example see if you have realtime and historical data access on TRAC, see how many profiles you can add on CORE, and see if you have limited or unlimited access to TRENDS.

  3. And if you are on a TRAC monthly data allowance package, you can now clearly see when your data usage resets every month. Note, monthly data usage is only measured against your TRAC usage, and does not apply to CORE and TRENDS.

Now let’s dive into what you can see for each product.

TRAC usage dashboard

  • When on TRAC, you can see what your monthly data or search allowance is.

  • Get a sense of how much data you have used, split by historical data and realtime data, and how much is left till the next cycle kicks in.

  • See the percentage of data you have used so far out of your overall data allowance, helping you to plan your monthly usage accordingly.

  • See a daily breakdown of your data usage, again, split by historical data and real time data, and clearly identify any spikes in data usage.

  • We’ve also added a table, which shows you the list of the searches that have consumed this data, so you know exactly which searches are contributing to your monthly usage, and decide if you need to amend those searches or not.

  • From here you can see how much data has been collected by each search in the current period, again split by realtime and historical data.

  • What’s more, you can filter this table by data source to gauge how much data has been collected from specific data sources per search.

  • NOTE that the data we display on this dashboard will always display your current billing cycle, based on your subscription setup, but you can always filter to view the last billing cycle, or the previous months usage, which is grouped by every three months.

CORE usage dashboard

  • When on CORE, you can see the number of profiles you can add to Pulsar as part of your CORE subscription.

  • You can see the split between the number of owned plugged-in profiles you have versus the number of public competitor profiles you have.

  • And whilst his has no impact on your CORE subscription, you can get a sense of the number of posts all your CORE profiles have collected in a given time period.

And when on TRENDS,

  • You can see if your subscription is full access and unlimited, or trial access and limited.

  • If you’re on a trial access, we also show you clearly when your access expires, so you can plan around that.

  • And lastly, we provide you with the list of Historical Trends searches that you’ve made in a specific date range, including a direct link to those searches for easy access and sharing.

The new data management dashboard is available immediately and all Pulsar users have access to the Settings page - quick reminder of where to find this is below. However, depending on your level of access, you will be able to see some, or all of the information on this page. Super-admin and Admin users will be able to add, edit, or remove team members from this page.

One last thing - for previous billing periods, some of the additional new information, such as data usage by data sources on TRAC, or the daily number of posts on CORE, will not be available historically, and only available from now onwards.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new usage dashboard then hit us on Intercom. If there's anything you would like to see that you think we missed then submit an idea on Collaborate - we promise to take those ideas on board!

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