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April 2020
Connecting TRAC & TRENDS
Connecting TRAC & TRENDS


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Pulsar TRENDS is a tool built for quick research, discovery and hypothesis testing. 

That makes it a perfect companion to TRAC, a powerful tool for extensive research: in fact, we know many Pulsar power-users start with TRENDS to quickly scope out and validate a topic, before moving on to TRAC to dig deeper into that search. 

Today, we’re making that process seamless, with the first cross-tool integration in Pulsar history: a simple button that allows you to launch a TRAC search straight from TRENDS.

The workflow is easy, simply hit “Create a TRAC Search'' , which redirects you straight to TRAC and voila! From there you can see your search summary, with the options to edit the Boolean syntax, or proceed with launching the search in real-time or historically. You can also navigate to any of the preceding steps of the search setup, where you can modify the search as you see fit. For example, you may want to add other data sources other than X, or set the Language and Location targets, or perhaps choose some additional AI modules to apply to that search! It’s really up to you. 

There are 3 ways that you can create a TRAC search from TRENDS.

The first one is directly from the Real-time Trending topics view... well as from your list of saved Historical Searches… 

..and from any Historical Search dashboard

And all searches created from TRENDS are automatically created in Boolean mode. 

If you have access to TRENDS, then this new functionality is available to you immediately in your Pulsar account. If you don’t have access to TRENDS, now is the time to get in touch with your Account Manager and kick off your trial period. 

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