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Uncovering Special Rules for Wizard Search Setups
Uncovering Special Rules for Wizard Search Setups

Discover the key special rules to consider when crafting a Wizard search within TRAC and ensure its effectiveness.

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Learning Objectives

  • Grasp the limitations and special rules when setting up a search using the Wizard.

What is the Wizard?

The Wizard is a convenient search configuration option within TRAC. It offers a smooth, user-friendly setup process, enabling you to input your search terms and criteria without the need to construct a boolean expression on your own.

Limitations and Special Rules for the Wizard

Although the Wizard delivers a straightforward and accessible way to generate a search, there are several special rules you ought to remember:

  • Panel Searches can only be created using the Wizard.


  • You must input terms separately for specific data sources, such as Instagram or Facebook. During the setup, a message will notify you about any special data sources that you have activated.


  • Since the Wizard assembles the boolean expression automatically, nesting AND/OR operators is not possible, and terms might require repetition.

  • Thanks to our addition of term editing, term copying, and csv upload, however, it's very simple to quickly copy terms between boxes, or edit existing terms to update the spelling, syntax, etc.

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