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Format your Pyn

With Pyn's content editor, formatting your Pyn is easy

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Add a custom greeting

Include a custom greeting in your Pyn and use tokens to personalize the Pyn.

  • @r for - the name of the person receiving the Pyn

  • @m for - the name of the manager the person the Pyn is about

  • @n for - the name of the person the Pyn is about

πŸ”Ž Review our list of all supported tokens.

Formatting the body of your message

In Pyn's content editor, you have the following formatting options on your toolbar:

  • Heading 1 and Heading 2

  • Bulleted or numbered lists

  • Bold, italic and underlined text

  • Quotes

  • Links

  • Conditional Sections (allows you to format blocks of text that when delivered will only appear for the groups you select)

Add images to your message

Banner images

First, add a banner image to your Pyn. You can drag and drop an image into the banner or you can click to browse for the image you want. Images that are 1200px X 540px with a 72 p/inch resolution will fit perfectly.

Want to change your banner image? Simply hover over the image and click Change.

Images in the message body

To add images into the body of your message click the +. Pyn supports images up to 10MB.

What else can I add to my message?

You can also embed a Google Form or YouTube video in your message. For instructions, see How to embed a Google Form or How to embed a YouTube video.


Q: Is a greeting automatically added to a Pyn?

A: No, a greeting is not automatically added, you'll need to include this in the short message portion of your Pyn.

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