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Customize emails with your email signature
Customize emails with your email signature

Use signatures to further personalize emails

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Add your signature

πŸ›  Note: Only Pyn Owners and Admins can add a signature for senders. For information on permissions, see Pyn Permission Types.

  • Select Settings

  • Click on Senders

  • Click on the ... at the right of the list for that Sender and select Edit. To add a new Sender, click on Add. For complete instructions on how to add a new Sender, see Add Email Senders.

    • Add your signature.

    • Select text to format bold, italic, or underline.

    • Select text to add a link (if desired).

Remove logo or signature from individual email messages

You can choose to remove your company's logo or your signature from specific email messages.

  • Navigate to the message you want to edit in Library or Drafts.

  • Click on the eye icon in the top right of your screen.

  • Select the envelope icon to preview your email message.

  • De-select the toggles for the logo or signature to disable them from appearing in this email message.

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