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How to fix being stuck on 'Waiting for you to Reconnect...'?
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If you visit but see the screen below 'Waiting for you to reconnect...' - this article should come in handy...

1 - Are you connected to Pyramid in WiFi Settings?

The first thing to make sure of is that you are connected to Pyramid. Open WiFi or Network Settings on your device, and make sure that you are connected to Pyramid (the default password is OnlineFreedom1) - if you're not sure how to set it up be sure to check this guide.

2 - Try

If you are connected in WiFi / Network Settings but Pyramid is still not being detected - then go to the URL bar of your browser (such as Chrome or Safari) and visit

3 - Turn off WiFi / Toggle Aeroplane Mode

If Pyramid is not being detected, try turning on Aeroplane mode or switching to a different WiFi network and then back to Pyramid.

4 - Check Power or Reboot

A quick thing to check is that Pyramid is getting enough power - try a different power adaptor (plug) or USB cable to make sure or do a quick reboot (disconnect from power, reconnect, then wait 60 seconds) then retry.

5 - Clear Cache or Try Another Device

In case of a browser issue, you can try to clear your browser cache (tap here to see how). Or alternatively, you can try another smartphone or tablet to see if this issue is specific to your device or could be caused by some other software (such as another VPN or Firewall app).

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