If you encounter a blank or error page when visiting pyramidsetup.com - this should provide the fix...

1 - Visit

If pyramidsetup.com won't load - if you enter the address in the URL bar at the top of your browser (such as Chrome or Safari) that could fix the issue.

2 - Stuck on 'Waiting for you to Reconnect'?

If Pyramid Setup is stuck on a 'Waiting for you to Reconnect' message but you are already connected in WiFi Settings - visit or try the Pyramid App instead to see if that provides a fix.

3 - Check Power or Reboot

A quick thing to check is that Pyramid is getting enough power - try a different power adaptor (plug) or USB cable to make sure or do a quick reboot (disconnect from power, reconnect, then wait 60 seconds) then retry.

4 - Clear Cache or Try Another Device

In case of a browser issue, you can try to clear your browser cache (tap here to see how). Or alternatively, you can try another smartphone or tablet to see if this issue is specific to your device or could be caused by some other software (such as another VPN or Firewall app).

4 - Factory Reset

If you've tried these steps and it still won't load we'd recommend a quick factory reset - tap here to learn how.

If you see 'Connected, no internet' in WiFi Settings during a first-time connection that is expected until you pair it with the internet. Just open your browser and head over to if you are unable to load pyramidsetup.com

Other issues

If both pyramidsetup.com and are not loading, there could be a IP LAN conflict, I would suggest you visit ... link to be inserted to learn how to fix the issue.

Need some help?

If these tips don't fix it for you, pop us a message at pyramidsetup.com and we'll be happy to help!

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