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How to fix Pyramid is offline (Connected, no internet)? [Pyramid v1]
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This support article is for Pyramid v1. If you're using Pyramid Pi, please see here instead.

First Time Setup

If when connecting to Pyramid for the first time it says 'Connected, no internet' this is totally normal as you haven't paired it with your WiFi yet - to fix just head over to in your browser and you'll be prompted. We also recommend checking out our setup video guide.

Pyramid has disconnected and gone offline

If Pyramid has gone offline and webpages won't load after being previously online, it's likely your connection to VPN has disconnected.

This can happen if the network drops - such as the home router drops and Pyramid wasn't able to reconnect. Or can happen when network providers, often in places like hotels, disconnect your VPN.

Going offline when VPN drops is actually a safety feature called Safety Switch - if your encrypted connection drops and Pyramid is unable to auto-reconnect it turns itself offline to make sure no data leaks.

Getting Back Online

Getting back online is quick and easy:

  1. Slide the switch on the side of the Pyramid box or

  2. Visit in your browser or open the app to reconnect.

Need any help - pop us a message by tapping the chat button at the bottom right of this page or emailing

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