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Can't connect to Pyramid in WiFi Settings
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This article is for Pyramid v1 (the white box Pyramid) if you're using Pyramid Pi - click here instead.

To make sure that it is not your device that needs to reboot, please check another device to see if it is able to connect to Pyramid.

If Pyramid is not showing in multiple devices. If still not showing, please follow these steps:

  • First suggestion is to turn Aeroplane mode on/off to force your device to refresh the available networks.

  • Perform a soft-reset

    • Hold in the reset button on the side of Pyramid for 6 seconds (careful not to hold for too long or you could factory reset it to original settings)

    • After a few moments, it should appear in available networks in WiFi Settings of your device

Perform a factory reset using the reset button:

  • Make sure Pyramid is fully powered on (has been plugged in for more than 60 seconds)

  • Make sure that the switch is facing the right hand side toward the LED lights on Pyramid

  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and then release when the right LED light flashes rapidly - this indicates that the reset has processed correctly.

Once the reset is complete, connect to the Pyramid network in the WiFi settings on your device (network password is OnlineFreedom1) and visit to complete the setup. Just to note, at the Pyramid account stage, please use your existing details.

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