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Connecting your Social Media profiles
Connecting your Social Media profiles

Setting up your social media to post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

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What is the Social Media section?

It is a powerful tool that will automatically post your New Listings, Sales, and Reviews to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. You're completely in control when it comes to when your posts go out and to where.

This feature is available to Starter, Professional, and Enterprise subscribers. Starter subscribers will have non-branded posts whilst our Professional and Enterprise subscribers will have branded posts.

**Please note: All of the social media platforms we post to will have strict requirements for the type of page you can use to post to:

Facebook - Business page - Don't have one? Click here for a guide on how to create one.

Instagram - Professional page - Need to switch from Personal to Professional? Click here for a guide on that.

Google - Business page

Twitter - Personal page

LinkedIn - Personal page

How do you set it up?

Step 1 - Go to Social Media:

Log in to your profile and click the 'Social Media Posts' tab from the sidebar. Then click on 'Settings'.

Step 2 - Connect Accounts:

Click the 'Connect' button of the social media account you wish to connect to RateMyAgent. Make sure to follow the prompts to connect your accounts correctly.

Step 3 - Accept Permissions:

In order to connect each Social Media to RateMyAgent, you will need your login details. You will need to accept all the terms or permissions to allow us to post content on your behalf. Click 'Continue as <name>'.

Step 4 - Select Pages:

Some social media platforms require Pages to be selected.

Select the checkbox of the page you wish to connect and then click 'Next'.

Step 5 - Additional Permissions:

Ensure all switches are on Yes and then click Done.

Step 6 - Manage Pages:
To stop posting to certain pages, or to post to additional pages, click on the 'Pages' button.

Check the pages you want to post to and uncheck the pages you don’t want to include. Click on 'Save' to save your changes.

Note: To disconnect, simply hit the Disconnect button associated with the platform you would like to disconnect.

Step 7 - Posting Schedule:
Schedules are automatically created when you connect your account. Edit your schedule by clicking the 'View Schedule' button to open the schedule options.

Click Edit button for each content type ('Review', 'For Sale' or 'Sold').

For Agencies content types include; Review, For Sale, Sold, Leasing Reviews, For Rent and Leased.

A popup will appear allowing you to:

  • Change the frequency of content being posted

  • Alter the schedule by changing the time and day from the dropdown

  • Select which accounts will use this schedule

  • Click 'Save Schedule' to save your changes

Your Social Media posts reviews from the last 365 days. Whilst listings, sales, or leased properties will be up to 14 days and only for the lead agent. Only one post will be pushed to your social media at the scheduled time. For more information on Social Posting Rules, click here.

Step 8 - Personalise Your Captions
​This allows you to add a personal touch to your post and engage with your audience in a more meaningful way. To personalize your caption, simple select what you wish to include on the post from the right side selection.

You can personalise your Reviews, For Sale and Sold posts.

Remember, you can always go back and edit your caption before the scheduled post goes live. So don't be afraid to experiment and find the perfect caption for your post.

Step 9 - Viewing what has been posted:

  • Review your posts by clicking on the 'Post History' tab where there will be a list of the posts that have been posted to the social media platforms that you've connected to

  • A list of the posted content is displayed in the Your scheduled posts section

  • This will include the time and day it was posted, which social media platform, and details about the review or property.

  • To see what was posted click on 'View Post' where you'll be able to see the post live on the platform the post was published on

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