What is the Social Media Manager?

It is a powerful tool that will automatically post your New Listings, Sales, and Reviews to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You're completely in control when it comes to when your posts go out and to where.

It is available to Starter, Professional and Enterprise subscribers.

**Please note: Due to a Facebook update, our Social Manager will now only be able to post to a business page or a page you manage. Despite this change, having a business page over a personal page has many benefits that will assist you in building your brand and broadening your audience.

Don't have a Facebook business page yet? Click here for a guide on how to create one

How do you set it up?

It is quick and simple to set up, and requires little-to-no effort to maintain.

Step 1: Login to your profile and click the 'Social Media' tab from the dashboard. Then click 'Manage Settings'.

Step 2: Click the connect button of the social media account you wish to connect to RateMyAgent and follow the prompts.

In order to connect your Social Media Manager to a company LinkedIn or Twitter, you will need the log in details for the company LinkedIn or Twitter.

Step 3: Click Continue as

Step 4: Select the checkbox of the page you wish to connect and then click Next.

Step 5: Ensure all switches are on Yes and then click Done

Step 6: If you manage other Facebook pages such as your Agency Page, you will need to select the checkbox of the pages you wish to post to. (Facebook only)

Note: To disconnect, simply hit the Disconnect button associated with the platform you would like to disconnect.

Step 7: Set a schedule to post your reviews, listings and sales. You can come back and change this at anytime.

Your Social Media Manager only posts new data from the last 2 weeks. Only one post will be pushed to your social media at the scheduled time and if there's nothing new to post, we simply won't.

Step 8: Once you're happy with your schedule, click Save changes.

Step 9: Review your posts via our 'Activity' and 'Calendar' interface and click on 'Manage Settings' to amend your schedule.

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