The Review/Sales Ratio (RSR) is replacing the legacy 'RMA Score'. This isn't a change in the metrics, we're just rebranding! It's just a name change it still functions in the exact same way.

The percentage of all your sales over the last 12 months that have a positive vendor review (includes all transactions across suburbs, cities and states) as a lead and supporting agent.

Give me the details

  1. Number of sales over the last 12 months with a positive vendor review


  2. The number of sales over the last 12 months

Example: If you have represented 10 vendors over the past 12 months and received 8 positive vendor reviews your RSR is 80%

For example: if you work for a couple who sells their home and both the husband and wife leave a review each, only 1 review will be included.

**The ratio is calculated based on the last 12 months at a National level. The cut-off is 11:59 pm AEDT on the 3rd of January 2023.

How can I improve my Review/Sales Ratio?

  1. Get more reviews! You should be requesting 100% of your Vendor reviews throughout the year. Get more reviews here. Have you considered Easy Reviews?

  2. Ensure all your property transactions are correct by removing duplicates. You cannot be removed from a property if you were the supporting agent 'just to boost your score', you need to collect those Vendor reviews!

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