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Which steps are necessary to set up a campaign?
Which steps are necessary to set up a campaign?

7 steps to help you set up an influencer marketing campaign on Reachbird

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Do you want to start your first influencer marketing campaign with our tool? In addition to good organization and time management, a basic knowledge of influencer marketing is also helpful, which is why we recommend that you visit our blog, where we regularly address current topics.

To help you successfully implement your own campaigns, we have put together 7 important steps that should serve as a guide.

  1. Choose one or more social media channels to focus on. If you want a cross-channel campaign, simply select multiple channels. Now create the campaign in the tool and fill in the general information.

  2. In the next step, you can create the campaign briefing. This briefing should provide influencers with general information about the campaign, such as the product, the sentiment, and the requirements. You can find more detailed information about the initial briefing in the article: What is an Influencer Briefing. You can upload the created briefing in the tool afterwards so that the influencers can access it. Tips on how to write a briefing can be found here.

  3. Now it's time for the influencer selection. With the help of our search engine, you can search for keywords and topics. You can also use other filters (engagement rate, number of followers, country, age, etc.) to further narrow down the search to find suitable influencers.

  4. The next step is to invite the selected influencers. These must be added to your campaign in advance. All the details are listed under "Participating Influencers". Here you specify for each Influencer individually which and how many actions (post, story, etc.) you want to have at what price. This is not yet the final price, because it can still be negotiated by the influencers after the invitation.

    In addition, the period for draft and release can be set.

    In the section with the title "Total", directly above the listing of individual influencers, settings can be made for all influencers. Actions and time periods can be set to apply to all selected influencers.

    At the very top of the page, you'll see an overview of the status of the invitations. Under "Confirmed Invitations" you will find the actions that the influencers have already confirmed. "Pending Invitations", invitations are those where the influencer's response is still awaited.

    Actions from influencers to whom an invitation has already been sent are now displayed, but cannot be edited afterwards.

    The current status of the invitations is displayed next to the "Mark ready" button for each action.

    • Waiting for Invitation: Invitation has not yet been sent to the influencer.

    • Pending: Invitation sent, at least 1 action not yet confirmed

    • Confirmed: influencer has accepted the invitation

    • Rejected: influencer has declined the invitation

  5. In the final campaign step "Confirmation" you get an overview of the actions that are part the campaign. You can send the invitation to the influencers by clicking on the "Invite new influencers" button at the bottom of the page. They will then be notified and have 48 hours to accept the invitation.

    Here you can also see which influencers are already participating in the campaign, as well as to which influencers the invitation has not yet been sent and which influencers have not yet confirmed their participation.

    • Influencers who are already part of the campaign can be found under the "active" tab.

    • All influencers to whom an invitation has been sent, but who have not yet confirmed at least 1 action, can be found under the "pending" tab.

    • Influencers, to whom no invitation has been sent yet, can be found under "waiting for Invitation".

    • Under "rejected" you can see which influencers have declined the invitation.

    • "expired" includes those influencers who have not responded to the invitation within the specified timeframe and are therefore not part of the campaign.

    While the mouse is over the price of a promotion, you can see how the total price of individual influencers is made up.

  6. As soon as the influencer accepts the invitation, the campaign management starts and the influencer begins with the content creation. The corresponding drafts are uploaded by the influencer as a "draft" under the respective action and then require approval. When the content is approved, the influencer starts publishing on the social media channel.

  7. Once the first post is online and the influencer has linked their insights to the tool, results can be tracked in real-time.

  8. Once all of the influencer's content pieces have been published and the insights have been linked, the campaign is complete. Our platform provides analytical, quantitative and qualitative reporting to show campaign results. You can find out how campaign reporting works here.

    If you have any questions about the implementation of your influencer campaigns, you can always contact your account manager or write to us at

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