What is an influencer briefing?

Influencer Briefing Content.

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The briefing serves as the basis for a successful collaboration with influencers. It summarizes all important information about the planned campaign.

It serves to introduce the product and brand to the influencers, as well as to familiarize them with the goals, procedures and expectations of a campaign.

How the finished briefing is then uploaded is explained in the article How to upload the campaign briefing? Once it is deposited here, it will be sent to the influencers to launch the campaign.

The briefing should include the following topics:

  • Correct spelling and name of the company and products or services to be promoted.

  • Important and useful information about the product.

  • Goals that will be pursued with the campaign.

  • Channels and content pieces to be used in the campaign.

  • Duration and timing of the campaign, as well as deadlines by which drafts and posts are expected.

  • Specifications on mentions and hashtags to be used.

  • Type of collaboration (e.g., account takeover, brand ambassador program, product placement, sweepstakes, promotion, unboxing, content buyout, and more).

  • Do's & Dont's for the campaign: this includes legal aspects, such as advertising labeling or how to deal with competitor products during the campaign period.


To increase the chances of influencers accepting the offer, some criterias can be considered. The briefing should address the influencer on a personal level. For this purpose, in addition to a general briefing, there is a selection option of personalized briefings in the tool. For campaigns in which several influencers are taking part, individual documents can be uploaded for each content creator.

It is also recommended to leave the influencers their creative freedom, as they understand their followers best. Of course, clues and specific desired ideas can be communicated to avoid misunderstandings.

In addition, already existing advertising content or mood boards are suitable for illustrating the exact ideas. These can be uploaded separately in the Briefings step under the Inspirations tab.

As part of the campaign process, the following information can be collected for the influencers in the Briefing step:

Products: Here you have the ability to add a link to the products and services being promoted in the campaign. This allows influencers to get an accurate picture of the brand.

There is also the option to select whether product samples will be sent to influencers as part of the campaign. If this is confirmed in the checkbox, their delivery address will be communicated, after the influencers have accepted the campaign,.

Social Ads: Here you can select whether social ads will be used as part of the campaign.

If a campaign includes social ads, the Business Manager ID must be entered in the field provided for this purpose.

Furthermore, you can explain your ideas to the influencers in a specific social ad briefing. For this you have to activate the check box We will upload a custom briefing document for social ads and then you can upload the files by clicking on the field or by drag and drop.

You will also find a standard template below the field (Social Ads Briefing (en)), which explains the social ads process step-by-step to the influencers. This is located in the Social Ads Briefing document at the bottom of the page.

This article explains social ads in detail: What are (Influencer) Social Ads?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account manager or email commercial@reachbird.io.

Influencer Specific Data: Campaigns often include different influencers. In order to provide specific instructions and tracking links for each influencer, you have the option to Assign tracking links and/or Upload personalized briefing documents. Influencer tracking links allow influencers to copy the link error-free with just one click and use it for their content pieces. The personalized briefing documents allow to create personalized information and specifications for each of the influencers. Learn more here: Influencer specific data.

Inspirations: To provide the influencers with guidelines and inspirations for the content, photos or links to videos can be uploaded under this tab. In addition, a general briefing document can be attached. This can contain overarching information and ideas of the campaign for all influencers.

Note: This document will be accessible to all influencers invited to the campaign.

How you can upload the finished briefing is explained in the article How to upload the campaign briefing?

Platform specific briefings: Briefings for specific platforms can be inserted in the following tabs. This is possible specifically for each social network that is part of the campaign.

In each case, the required hashtags, mentions and a platform-specific description of the expected performance and content pieces can be described.

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