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How do I upload my drafts in the tool?
How do I upload my drafts in the tool?
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After you have agreed to a campaign and the prices for the respective actions have been negotiated, the next step is the production of the agreed content (posts, stories, reels, etc.).

As soon as your drafts for the campaigns are ready, you have to upload them in the tool to get the approval of the customer. It is important that you publish the content only after approval.

Click on the respective action, e.g. "Instagram Post 1" and then select "Upload draft".

You will then be taken to a page where you can either drag and drop your designs into the field to upload them, or click on "+Add Photo or Video" and select the appropriate file to upload.

If you have uploaded multiple images or videos, you can put them in the right order before the final upload by dragging the files to the right position. This will give the customer a better overview and possibly related videos can be better understood.

In addition, you also store the appropriate caption for your post or describe the storyline of the uploaded draft.

After you have uploaded the files and filled in the caption, you have to confirm by checking the three boxes below that you have read and understood the campaign guidelines and that you have not placed or mentioned any other products or brands in your post.

Once you have checked the boxes, you can click on "Submit Draft" and your drafts will be in the approval process.

The customer has the possibility to confirm your drafts or to request changes. If the second case occurs, you will be informed via the campaign chat and can implement the requested feedback accordingly and re-upload the drafts as just described.

Once your drafts have been accepted, you may publish them. Please note that there might be posting periods or certain agreed times according to the briefing. You can find more information about this in the following FAQ:

If you have any further questions about the campaign process, please contact

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