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Influencer campaign KPIs are becoming increasingly individual and complex. Therefore, their overview must become more and more flexible for a subsequent evaluation. For this reason, we have developed our new Campaign KPI Monitoring Dashboard. This live updated data overview is now available for each of our customers.

With a variety of new features, we enable the comparison of campaign results, cross-platform and sustainable data analysis, as well as the identification of best performers at all levels.

Focus features of the new Campaign KPI Monitoring Dashboard include:

  • Data Overview

  • Selection & Totals

  • Filter function

Functionality & Structure

The new monitoring dashboard is designed to provide live access to complex and individual influencer KPIs in a flexible table overview.

Overall, the dashboard is divided into four main sections, namely "Dashboards", "Campaigns", "Influencers" and "Actions".

On the top left, you can create a new dashboard or a new campaign as usual. By clicking on the "Tile view" area on the right, the view can be switched to the old dashboard.

Also, you can show or hide the displayed results by setting check marks on the left side. Also, by scrolling to the right, more columns including KPIs are displayed. The selected data can be exported as a CSV file if needed by clicking on the icon to the right of the "Actions" tab.

The bottom line "TOTAL" indicates the sum of the selected/selected rows.


Gives a total overview of the selected dashboards including campaign count, budget, costs, influencer count and actions. Further to the right you get cumulative dashboard related KPIs.


Displays all campaigns of the selected dashboards. Includes details on status, creation date, social media channels, etc.

The red bubbles indicate how many to-dos are currently pending in the campaign. Click on "View Campaign" to see the exact details and enter the campaign chat.


List of influencers including the link to the social channel, the costs, the number of actions and the respective KPIs.


Shows the individual actions per influencer in detail including status, price and the KPIs per action.

Filter functions

Possible Filters:

The four main categories that can be filtered by are "Actions," "Campaigns," "Dashboards," and "Influencers." Clicking on the arrow to the right of each category will bring up the specific filter options.

Set filters:

Clicking on the desired filter option opens a pop-up window. Here you can select in detail which filter results should be contained or not contained.

It is also possible to set several filters at the same time. The displayed results are adjusted to the set filters, so that the Dashboards, Campaigns, Influencers and Actions tabs update accordingly.

The filters can be removed individually by clicking the x icon or reset collectively by clicking "Reset all".

If you have any questions about our new Campaign KPI Monitoring Dashboard, please feel free to contact us at

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