How you should handle and declare income generated from your music on Record Union depends in which country you are located.

You are a company or private person in Sweden

If you are a person or company located in Sweden you will not need to manually declare your income from Record Union to the Tax authorities. Record Union send this information to the Tax authorities every year. For this reason, it is very important that the Personal ID / Tax ID / Company Registration Number you have supplied is correct. The Swedish Tax Authority will process this so it will show on your Tax declaration which you can then review and approve.

I am a company or private person outside Sweden

If you are a person or company located outside Sweden, we are also are also required to provide the Swedish tax authorities with information about the royalties you have generated via Record Union. However, the Tax Authorities cannot comment on whether this information will be exchanged with the tax authorities in your country.

We suggest to follow the specific rules and guidelines for how to report this type of income in your country. The tax authorities in your country should have this information available on their website – otherwise you can contact them directly or consult a tax adviser for additional clarification.

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