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Error when uploading tracks
Error when uploading tracks
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Before you contact support about this, we kindly ask you to go through this troubleshoot:

  • Have you made sure to use a computer instead of a mobile device or tablet? 

  • Did you try using a different browser?

If none of these options work - here are the most likely reason you can't upload your file:

  • Wrong file format – Make sure that your audio file is in WAV or FLAC format.

  • The audio file is to big – The maximum file size you can upload is around 500MB.

  • Your internet connection – Make sure that your internet connection is stable and restart your internet connection.

  • Your browser – Please try another browser or update your current browser to the latest version and empty the cache.

  • Your firewall – Make sure that your firewall allows Record Union to upload files from your computer.

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