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How do I add merch to my Spotify artist profile?
How do I add merch to my Spotify artist profile?
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Artists on Spotify can now sell merch to fans via the platform. This can be a limited edition vinyl, a classic band t-shirt or a patch to put on your jacket - more or less whatever you want related to your artist or band. 

All merchandise on Spotify is managed by a third party provider called Merchbar. Signing up with Merchbar is free and as soon as you have your products available on Merchbar they will also be listed on Spotify. Learn more on the Merchbar website.

Adding merch to your Spotify artist profile

Via Merchbar, fill out the Partner Interest Form for direct partnership or talk to your merch company about making your products available on Merchbar. Once your products are up on Merchbar they will automatically be listed on your Spotify profile.

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